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    Everyone always has questions when they start something new, especially when it comes to enrollment and the new dance season!

    So we have provided you with some fabulous FAQ's!


    Q: My child has never taken dance before, will my child feel comfortable? 
    A:We have classes for beginning through advanced levels. Each student is given individual attention to help them advance at their own pace. 
    Q: What is the attire for class? 
    Ballet I : Black Leotard , Pink Tights , Pink Ballet Shoes
    Ballet I and Up : Leotard, Flesh colored tights and shoes.
    All Pre-Ballet : Pink; leotard,tights, and ballet shoes. 
    Jazz and Modern : Black leotard, black or tan tights, jazz shoe, or barefoot if taking modern.  
    Q: How much does it cost for dance classes? 
    A: Classes for one hour a week are only $55 a month, two classes a week $75 a month, but you are not limited to only two classes. We also have family rates for the second sibling in the same household. 
    Q: What type of payments are accepted? 
    A: Cash,Check,Money Orders, and Credit/Debit cards are accepted. 

    Q: How and when can I register? 
    A: We always welcome new dancers (when space is availible), we are open M-F 5:30 to 8pm and on Saturdays from 9 - 4pm. Students must be enrolled by December 1st in order to participate in the spring recital. 
    Q: My child is older, is it too late for them to start dance? 
    A: It's never too late to learn dance. We have classes for students 3 through graduation of high school. Dance is a benefit for all ages from the discipline of ballet to the rythm of Tap. All are welcome to find the joy of dance!
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